Perceived by Others

People with high working memory capacity are generally perceived as intelligent, capable, and efficient by others. They tend to be good at processing and retaining information, making connections between different pieces of information, and quickly switching between tasks.

Their ability to juggle multiple pieces of information and maintain focus on the task at hand is often admired and can make them stand out in academic or work settings. They are also often able to solve complex problems quickly and efficiently, which can earn them respect from peers and superiors.

This ability can also help individuals in social contexts and in building stronger connections to others. The ability to multitask and remember details can allow them to be active listeners and engage more meaningfully in conversations. They might also be able to keep track of several conversations at a time, and therefore may be viewed as alert.

However, others could also perceive people with high working memory capacity as overly analytical or too focused on details, potentially overlooking the bigger picture. They may also be seen as perfectionists or overly critical, which can lead to tension in group settings.