Potential Benefits

Individuals with a high capacity for strategic thinking, especially in the abstract thinking component, can provide several benefits in work contexts. Below are some examples that are all related parts of strategic thinking.

Problem-solving and flexibility: Abstract thinkers are able to see multiple perspectives and could therefore patterns and connections that others may miss. This ability can help them identify problems and develop creative solutions, which also helps them adapt to changing circumstances.

Innovation and competitive advantage: Abstract thinkers’ ability to see opportunities can help them develop strategies, new business models, services, or products that give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. This ability can help them identify untapped markets, develop unique value propositions, and find new ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Planning and strategy: Abstract thinkers are often able to think ahead and anticipate potential obstacles. This ability can help them develop effective plans that account for a range of contingencies.

Decision-making: Abstract thinkers are often able to weigh multiple factors and consider the potential consequences of different choices, helping them make better decisions with higher likelihood of positive outcomes.

Leadership and communication: Abstract thinking can help an individual to communicate the bigger picture and other complex ideas in a clear and concise manner. This ability can help them inspire others and motivate others and can be especially valuable in leadership roles.