Cognitive Test

Three options when selecting test.

1. Test full cognitive profile (45 min)

45 min. Most complete decision basis.

2. Test full cognitive profile in four separate rounds 

10-15 min/session.

3. Screen only selected cognitive abilities

10-15 min/session.

Cognitive test packages

Full Cognitive Profile

45 min

Assess all relevant cognitive abilities.


10 min

The ability to focus and stay attentive in easy and more complex tasks.


10 min

The ability to remember information and use it in problem solving.

Impulsivity, flexibility & creativity

15 min – Recommended screening test!

The ability to regulate oneself, find new working solutions to a problem and to switch between different tasks.


Conceptualization & Strategic thinking

15 min

The ability to see and sort what’s important. To plan and efficiently execute the plan. All in complex environments.

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