What makes the Cognitive test different from personality and logic test?




The cognitive tests are a perfect complement to existing tools, like personality profiles and logic tests. Adding cognitive testing means enriching your existing base for selection and decision making, drastically developing a richer and more nuanced understanding of your candidates.

The cognitive tests origin from cognitive neuroscience. They are based on a combination of R&D and practice since > 30 years. When neuropsychologists want to understand a person on a deeper level to be able to help – These are the kind of tests they use!

The tests measure cognitive ability/abilities and gives a hint of the actual individual use of the capacity for optimal behavior and performance. The cognitive capacity is compared to others, while the individual’s self-awareness is assessed. The cognitive variation related to different states and contexts is also measured.

The two main, traditional testing, alternatives are personality tests and logic tests. A personality test is, in reality, not a test but a questionnaire. These questionnaires are by nature subjective, meaning the individual can chose what to answer, thus affecting the outcome. The validity is low when it comes to understanding on-the-job performance on the individual level and they should preferably be used on a group level, for screening and early selection, assuring  large enough candidate bases for statistical reliability. On an individual level they should be used with care, not drawing farfetched conclusions or final selection decisions.

Logic tests used on the market are normally short versions of intelligence tests. These tests measure one kind of problem solving, mainly visual, mathematical and logical. During the same conditions. This “static” testing misses on many cognitive aspects, and in particularly the dynamics of different kind of problem solving in a constantly changing contexts, like in most jobs.

Cognitive testing is different, adding rich data to understanding people on a deeper level;

  • Cognition is everything. Understanding cognition is key to understanding people
  • A missing piece on the market so far
  • Drastically improving your basis for understanding, matching, selecting and leading people
  • Based on Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Evidence based with highest validity and objectivity
  • Reveals capacity of innate cognitive abilities
  • These are the abilities explaining talent and potential
  • Tests that simulate the dynamics within a person as well as related to different contexts with shifting conditions
  • Stress testing cognitive abilities under time pressure and different complexity