Test of Impulse control, Cognitive flexibility & Creativity

15 min

Testing these abilities is relevant for screening “higher” cognitive thinking and functioning. To assess for example talent, potential, problem solving and leadership.

Besides capacity of the main cognitive abilities, the report include indicators for rule focus, accuracy, speed and the ability to avoid repetition.
This is an excellent screening test.

Impulse control

The ability to inhibit impulses and behaviors

– To be able to stop one’s own irrelevant thoughts and impulses
– To be able to assess when impulses are correct and affirm these
– To be able to act consistently without the influence of any unexpected distraction

Creativity & Cognitive flexibility

The ability to switch between different thoughts and possible behaviors, as well as find new solutions within a given set of frames.

– To be able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and create new valid solutions to a problem
– To be able to look at things from different perspectives
– To be able to efficiently switch between thought processes and fluidly find new solutions