The assessment process

1. Sign up

Head to our customer portal to get started.

2. Start a Campaign. Testing is Free!

Select test(s). Tests are free and you pay only for the result you access. You can also chose to buy a number of tests. Read about the tests here.

3. A link is created

When setting up a test campaign, a tailor made link is available for distribution. Test instructions to the candidates are included.

4. Distribute the link to your candidates

Publish, embed or distribute the link in a job-ad or in an email. Cognitive tests may be sensitive to disturbances why test instructions are important for reliable test results.

5. Test is performed

The cognitive tests require a mobile device with touch screen and can be performed anywhere.

6. Analyze the results. Pay only for the result you access!

Results are continuously updated according to tests selected. Start with a cognitive scoreboard to select preferred candidates. Zoom in on selected candidates.

7. Add expert support

For a deeper understanding of the results or support in decision make, talk to one of our cognitive experts. Consult the FAQ.

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