A sharper assessment tool for talent acquisition

Capture the complexity and dynamics of people, provide a sharper selection basis and increase the predictability of work performance.
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The missing piece in
understanding people



Cognition is everything

Cognition is the mental processes that underlie and explain human behavior.
Measuring and understanding is therefore crucial in talent acquisition.
Neuroscience has developed evidence-based tools, now available to everyone.

How it works?

1. Sign up and start testing

Select and distribute test. Assess individuals, teams or organizations with an intuitive web-APP. 

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2. Analyze and select

Compare candidates and analyze individual capacity.

Understand what’s unique!


1 month trial. Unlimited testing. 3 Full profiles.

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Why test Cognition

  • Cognition is individual, dynamic and measurable
  • It is different than IQ
  • It drives behavior, thinking, decision making, problem solving, performance and personality
  • It adds a rich and nuanced basis for people decisions


What’s unique

  • The highest predictive validity
  • Existing cognitive tests are limited
  • Deeper with adding central aspects of behavior, performance and problem solving
  • Digital and easy to use
  • Testing is free! You only pay for the results you access

Customer guarantee

We offer a full refund, if you can find an equivalent cognitive assessment tool, developed and supported by neuroscientists, providing similar precision and insights.


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