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As part of a hiring process, I was asked to take the Capacio cognitive test. It gave me new insights of my abilities that no other test has provided before. It described more relevant dimensions than I knew about and has helped me strengthen my confidence in my strong areas. The test also facilitates relating to other people and makes it more interesting!

Örjan Jansson

Global Program Manager Climate Innovations, WWF

I use the cognitive profiling tool in coaching and developing leaders and management teams. They reveal new dimensions and aspects that facilitates both self-insight and understanding of others. This in turn strengthen role-play, collaboration as well as conflict avoiding and handling. I strongly recommend leaders and management teams to put cognition and cognitive testing on the agenda.

Samuel Huhta

Leadership development, Executive Coaching, Team Building

As a founder of several job matching platforms, I spend many years looking for neurobased tests. When I found Capacio it was a true eye-opener. I am a firm believer in psychological testing and this missing piece makes all the other tests much more relevant and creates a sharper and more holistic basis for any recruiter, as well as the candidate.

Lennart Engelhardt

Founder & Chairman of Funka, Founder of Happyr Recruiting

The main challenge in tech consulting today is not to find business but rather to recruit talent so we can supply consultants. With the Capacio test we can both understand the specific cognitive strengths of already proven developers and use this to optimize assignment mapping and strengthen our pitch to the client. When it comes to finding new talent, it helps us better understand and invest in young potentials. Finally, we are using the tool for individual and team self-awareness and development.

Jonathan Norman

Co-founder Kebne Consulting

Having gone through many assessment centers and recruiting procedures with a lot of personality, logic, math, leadership, capability and skills testing I honestly thought I knew it all. Snap – yes, I was (mostly) right, but was missing a hell lot more about me! Here is the short story of my very own cognitive functioning assessment, how I took the test and now know a lot more about myself than I did before.

Pascal Fischer

Lead Retail Representation @ Polestar Germany

At Vardagsfrid our employees represent around 35 different nationalities. We deliver services in office cleaning and more. We have a lot of cross-functional teams and a great number of applicants every month. Using tools that help us understand talent, potential and ability, what the eye can see and go beyond gender, age, nationality and ethnicity is crucial. We are using Capacio, both in talent acquisition and as part of talent management both on a managerial, individual and team level.

Mattias Johansson

Chief People and Organization Officer at Vardagsfrid

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  • Highest Predictive Validity
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We offer a Full Refund if You Find a Comparable Assessment, developed and supported by neuroscientists, providing similar precision and insights.


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